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Vidler On The Hoof Word Magazine 'Mashed' review April 2007

It's A Monster Mash M8 Magazine GHP feature April 2007

Various Magazine 'Mashed' Reviews (Q / DJ / IDJ / Mixmag / Time Out / Nuts / IOS) March -April 2007

LCD Soundsystem 'Us vs Them' (GHP remix) Pitchfork March 2007

Mash Ups Go Legit Washington Blade March 2007

Mashed Album Review Manchester Music March 2007

Mashed Album Review Harder Faster March 2007

Mashed Album Review MusicOHM March 2007

Mashed Album Review Jukebox Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review Indie London Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review Indigo Flow Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review Tasty Fanzine Feb 2007

Mashed album review Indie London Feb 2007

Get Mashed! London News Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review Belfast Telegraph Feb 2007

Mashed / Amazon Feb 2007

Mashed Album Review DMC Update Feb 2007

Five Years After A Stroke Of Genius Toronto Star Dec 2006

Iggy & Peggy Get Mashed
Tony Bennett POVDec 2006

EMI Still Way Ahead of the Game, Release Official Mashups to Prove It
Tiny Mix Tapes Nov 2006

EMI veröffentlicht Mashup-Album Nov 2006

The Beatles, Love
Guardian Nov 2006

The Art Of Making Music In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction
The Culture Industry Remixed
William J Levay

Love Is All You Need...til The Drugs Wear Off Fudgeland blog Nov 2006

EMI To Release Mash-Up Albums
Coolfer Music & The Industry Nov 2006

All My Birds Anti Hit List Nov 2006

How Would You Like Yor Beatles?
Word Magazine Nov 2006

Sound Of The Suburbs blog Nov 2006

Mashups And Musical Evolution
Write Now Is Good blog Sept 2006

Mashup Genius: Mark Vidler Interview
- Discjockey101 Sept 2006

Mash It All Up Then Start Again Sydney Morning Herald June 2006

Rapture Riders - Promo's / Sleeves etc June 2006

Mark Vidler interview Flashmag May 2006

Mark Vidler / Blondie vs The Doors Rraul May 2006

Laissez Faire Go Home Bellyflop Blog May 2006

CEO Of Musical Mergers CSMonitor May 2006

Blondie vs The Doors - Rapture Riders review April 2006

Blondie vs The Doors - Rapture Riders review April 2006

The Story Of Rapture Riders
- And We Danced Daily blog April 2006

Blondie Greatest Hits - Sound & Vision Connect April 2006

Rapture Riders - Rip Her To April 2006

Rapture Riders - New And Used Records Blog March 2006

Rapture Riders review Billboard March 2006

This Man Can Make Beyonce Sing For Thin Lizzy Classic Rock Magazine March 2006

A Digital Marriage Blondie vs The Doors NPR Online Music Show March 2006

Rapture Riders Planet Out.Com March 2006

Blondie still weaving tangled roots into art LA Times Feb 2006

Karmastition DJ Magazine review Feb 2006

Blondie vs The Doors Promolift Feb 2006

Blondie vs The Doors Video Music Feb 2006

GHP Rock In Black EP Record Of The Month / Radio 1 'The Blue Room' Feb 2006

Blondie vs The Doors New Feb 2006

Blondie Press Release Jan 2006

Blondie vs The Doors Jan 2006

A Golden Legacy Tune Jan 2006

Marvin's Not In Love Parts 1,2 & 3 Record Of The Month / Radio 1 'The Blue Room' Jan 2006

Rapture Riders Video Ibiza Voice Website Jan 2006

Uptight Maggie Toronto Star Jan 2006

Mash It Up Keyboard Magazine Jan 2006

Rapture Riders Download Of The Month Observer Music Monthly Nov 2005

Blondie Greatest Hits / Rapture Riders Word Magazine Nov 2005

Blondie Greatest Hits Review My Village Nov 2005

Blondie Greatest Hits Atomic Duster Nov 2005

Rapture Riders Manchester Music Nov 2005

Vidle Me This? James Hyman GBP Nov 2005

Blondie Greatest Hits Press Release Blondie Website Nov 2005

Rapture Riders Worship The Glitch Oct 2005

Gang Of Four 'Return The Gift' BBC Website Oct 2005

Gang Of Four 'Return The Gift' Pitchfork Media Oct 2005

Top 11 Mash-Ups 'The Pocket DJ - Sarah Lewitinn (Simon & Schuster Childrens Books) Sept 2005

Gang Of Four GHP Remix August 2005
Pure Groove Records / Boomkat / Pitchfork

What Is 'New Music' Anyway? David Hepworth - Word Mag June 2005

GHP Pistol Whipped review
Gullbuy June 2005

The Mash-Ups Growing Popularity Freshangles May 2005

'Two Charts Beat As One' Future Music Magazine US May 2005

'Mixing Up The Medicine' Word magazine May 2005 page1 / page2

Mind Boggling Mash-Ups OC Register April 2005

'Mashing Up' Music and putting it on stage Statesboro Herald March 2005

Vinyl Countdown (Processed Waterfall) Mojo Mag March 2005

Online Pick London Evening Standard Feb 2005

Mash Movement Red Eye / Chicago Tribune Feb 2005

Blondie vs The Doors Undercover Feb 2005

1+1+1=1 The New Math Of Mash-Ups The New Yorker January 2005

Anti-Hit List Best of 2004 Eye Weekly January 2005

Mash Ups Go Mainstream Wired Magazine January 2005

Mash-Up: Artistic Musical Creations or Blasphemy? Earcandy December 2004

Monster Mashes Sound On Sound magazine December 2004

GHP 20 Questions 20 Questions website September 2004

Ray Of Gob Alt Music September 2004

Mix & Mash Edutopia Magazine September 2004

'Bowie Mixes It Record Collector June 2004

Rebel Never Gets Old Beat Surrender review June 2004

GHP 'AnnieRush' review Anti-Hit List May 2004

'David Is Goliath' RiverFrontTimes May 2004

'Karma In The Life review' The Simon May 2004

'BootlegSpecial' Camden New Journal May 2004

'GHP in Ice Magazine news section' Ice Magazine May 2004

'Come Together' Metroland NYC April 2004

'Bowie Mixes It Up With Fans' E! Online April 2004

GHP 'Essex Doves' review Anti-Hit List April 2004

'Mash-Ups Combine Music of Diverse Artists' Tennessean April 2004

'Download Of The Day' NME April 2004

'Bowie Basti Bootlegy' Techno CZ April 2004

'Bowie offers fans Remix Competition' Filter magazine April 2004

'Rebel Never Gets Old / Mash-Up Comp' David Bowie press release April 2004

'Rebel Never Gets Old' - New Bowie Single? March 2004

Pistol Whipped Review God Save The Sex Pistols March 2004

When Copyright Law Meets The Mash Up LA Times March 2004

Pistols Get Whipped / No Feelings 4 Cher Anti-Hit List March 2004

They Do Make Them Like They Used To Word Magazine March 2004

Let's Mock! Mojo Magazine March 2004

GHP / Rock With Addiction Seattle Weekly Feb 2004

Singles of 2003 Jan 2004

Lydon / God Save Madonna E Online Nov 2003

Monster Mash-ups IN Magazine LA Nov 2003

Sly Beyonce Walks Like A Nerd Anti Hit List Oct 2003

Sly Beyonce Walks Like A Nerd review Pitchfork Oct 2003

Beatleg Bootles Part1 review Pitchfork Oct 2003

Music Indusrty is learning that technology works Dallas Morning News Sept 2003

'Ray of Gob' Blender Magazine July 2003

Mash It Up, Tear It Up The Japan Times online Jan 2003

Mutant Music Madness New Zealand Herald Sept 2002

B3TA Bootleg MP3 of the month B3ta Aug 2002

Scavenger Hunt Dallas Observer Feb 2003

Mix Master Mash Babelogue May 2003

Two Boots Village Voice Dec 2002

Three Bootlegs Southside Callbox Jan 2003

Ray of Gob review God Save The Sex Pistols May 2003

The Mash Up Revolution Salon Aug 2003

Look @ Leggers Boot106 July 2003

Ray of Gob / Shannon Stone / Sexual High / Dirrty Stones Kinky Madonna / Bring The Television / Teenage Whitney / Paperbacklash / Barry Wilson & Crazy Love Affair / Like I Absolutely Love You / Anti-Hit List March - Aug 2003

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