For Immediate Release


Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension"
available for free download via Wed 22nd July 2009.


01 Flashback (3.13)
02 Daddy Was a S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K.E.R (2.33)
03 Slow Down Sister (4.31)
04 Storm Clouds Over Hoboken (4.02)
05 My Dog, My Friend, My Wee Hairy Companion (1.04)
06 Beached Buoy (2.54)
07 Il Carnevale WD24 (1.42)
08 Everybody's Looking Rosy In My Garden (4.01)
09 Fireball Splinters (1.25)
10 Sticky Fingered Porcupine (2.13)
11 Flashback (revisitation) (2.45)
12 Sky High (4.29)
13 Comes To An End (0.20)
14 Sweet And Honey Fiction (2.55)
Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" album cover  
  Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions, unleashes 14 original tracks of music, written,
recorded and produced between December 2008 - March 2009.
A debut album.

The basic idea was to capture an albums worth of material over a 3 month period, with
no restriction on song style or execution.

The songs and sounds were not written with any specific 'audience' in mind.

They were not written to sit comfortably within any given 'genre'.

This is not a mash-up album.

The tracks were written based upon what the 'mood of the day' was and were more
than influenced by what was receiving heavy roatation on the Vidler iPod at that time...
That's the norm, is it not?

Anyone with half an understanding of popular music will probably join the dots whilst listening
to the 14 tracks on offer...

...those who are comfortable within the confines of a specific 'genre', will no doubt struggle
but the idea is for them to 'lend their ears' to it.

And that's why the album is free.

I simply want as many people to hear it as possible.

By slapping a price on it, you immediately alienate a large percentage of potential listeners and
that is not what I'm after.

Feel free to blog it, share it, torrent it, burn copies, whatever.
Send me the links...I'll post them.
Just let people know where it originated from...

I'm not bothered if you don't like the contents.
I'm just bothered that you get the chance to hear them.
Job done.

...and if you like what you hear and feel compelled to give something back, the donation
option is available.

Anyway, none of this is important, people.

We are all very much on borrowed time.

If you have already opened your eyes and ears, you will very much be aware that the proverbial
'shit' is already 'hitting the fan'.

Within weeks everyone will be affected by what has been prepared for many years now.

The bigger agenda by those with the real power (not the puppets) is already in place.

We are in for a very rough ride.

Dig deep and arm yourself with knowledge...

Vidler out