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Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" // "Tension EP" (Wed 22nd July 2009)  

Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension"

Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "Tension EP"
"The Future, The Past & The Present Tension"

"Tension EP"
01 Flashback (3.13)
02 Daddy Was a S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K.E.R (2.33)
03 Slow Down Sister (4.31)
04 Storm Clouds Over Hoboken (4.02)
05 My Dog, My Friend, My Wee Hairy Companion (1.04)
06 Beached Buoy (2.54)
07 Il Carnevale WD24 (1.42)
08 Everybody's Looking Rosy In My Garden (4.01)
09 Fireball Splinters (1.25)
10 Sticky Fingered Porcupine (2.13)
11Flashback (revisitation) (2.45)
12 Sky High (4.29)
13 Comes To An End (0.20)
14 Sweet And Honey Fiction (2.55)

01Spaced Rust (2.17)
02 Horticultured (3.13)
03 Sighs (1.24)
04 Chinese Whispers (2.26)
05 Vapour / Ice (3.05)

The "Tension EP" is basically a darker and more skeletal
younger brother to TFTP&TPT.
2 of the tracks are direct descendants.

Whilst the 14 track album is better listened to with the sun out...
..."Tension" is better listened to with the lights out.

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As reviewed in Classic Rock magazine (click for full pic):

Mark Vidler album review Classic Rock magazine July 2009

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Go Home Productions "GHP Goes Bananas" cover
Go Home Productions "GHP Goes Bananas" (virtual 7" banana-yellow vinyl)

01 GHP Goes Bananas
Paying homage to the greatest ever kids tv show and the first 7"single that I bought way back in 1979.
Created under the influence of The Jamms / KLF / Coldcut / Steinski.
Contains too many illegal samples to mention - watch the video for help.

Download Link (Rapidshare)

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"GHP Goes Bananas" Promo Video

Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" // Tension (Free Downloads 22 July 2009)

More Details Here

Listen to "Flashback" from "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" at GHP's MySpace page
Album Video Promo now on YouTube:

Echo & The Bunnymen Thorn Of Crowns (Go Home Productions remix)
Echo & The Bunnymen "Thorn Of Crowns (Go Home Productions remix) (unreleased)

01 Echo & The Bunnymen "Thorn Of Crowns (Go Home Productions Remix)
Originally created for a project that I don't think materialised (some time in 2007), so I sent a copy
to the band...they loved it.

Download Link (Rapidshare)

Go Home Productions Rock In Black EP (2005)
Go Home Productions "Rock In Black EP" (2005)

01 Rock In Black
02 GHP Rids The World (Of The Evil Curse Of The Space Invaders)
03 Marvin's Not In Love Parts 1, 2 & 3
04 Uptight Maggie

Download Link (Rapidshare)
Download Link (Mediafire)
Go Home Productions MPFree EP (2006)
Go Home Productions "MPFree EP" (2006)

01 Bus Stop Runner
02 Destiny 1999
03 Time Outside

Download Link (Rapidshare)
Download Link (Mediafire)
Go Home Productions Six Pack EP
Go Home Productions "Six Pack EP" (2007)
Virtual 7" double vinyl & flexi

01 Too Busy Thinking About The Angry Mob
02 Hung Phantom
03 Supreme Evil
04 Long Distance Good Luck Call
05 Pinocchio On LSD
06 Goodbye Rocky

Download Link (Rapidshare)
Download Link (Mediafire)

Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies" (May 2008)

01 Rolling Confusion 3.47
02 Finally, Did You No Wrong
03 Billy Stoned
04 Grandstand Supreme
05 Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have A Finger Of Fudge?
06 Mick n' Carly
07 Luther's Orange Crush
08 Main Bloom
09 Paranoid Rock
10 2000 Light Years From Bolan
11 3 X A Raindrop

MP3: Now at 320Kbps (CD artwork included)

## Rapidshare Link: Go Home Productions - Spliced Krispies @ 320 ##

Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies"
This album was conceived and created during April 2008. It basically came about after I needed a break from writing / recording original tracks
for the 'Kamikaze Runway' album which I'm lining up for this summer and after laying off the bootlegs for several months, I thought I'd take a
couple of weeks out to 'dabble' again.
Must admit that I had a lot of fun putting this together. No limitations or pandering to artists / record labels desires, just went headfirst into
screwing around with some favourite songs and seeing what turned up.
About 2 weeks into April there seemed to be a theme developing with each track and I thought it would be cool to put some visuals to them
as I went along. So you've got 11 videos to digest as well, all laid out below with notes on each track to read.

Anyway, grab the album while you can, you can never tell how long I can keep it alive before the Sweeney break down my door...

  01 "Rolling Confusion"
(The Rolling Stones 'Street Fighting Man' / 'Gimme Shelter' / drums from 'Slave')
(The Temptations 'Ball Of Confusion')

This was quite literally the first track I created for this project. I think the Stones were getting a fair bit of airplay last month with their film coming out and I heard Street Fighting Man somewhere and it sounded sooo good. Absolutely love Beggars Banquet and that whole era of the Stones.
Had to slow the tempo of the Temps vocal to fit but I think I got away with it.
Quite like the way that the track slips between half and double can't dance to it.
The drum break is pilfered from 'Slave' off the 'Tattoo You' album.
This video was the last to get completed. There's no promo for the Stones track, so I had
'improvise' (not for the only time) so the footage is actually from 'Jumping Jack Flash' and
'Sympathy For The Devil' performed as part of their Circus spot from 1968.
Similar problem with Ball Of Confusion but there was enough 'vocal' footage to fill
a couple of verses.
Amazing how relevant the lyrics of BOC are today. Frighteningly relevant.
'Rolling Confusion' was always gonna kick off this collection.

  02 "Finally, Did You No Wrong"
(The Sex Pistols 'Did You No Wrong')
(Ce Ce Peniston 'Finally')
Well, if this doesn't raise your roof when played at full volume, then nothing will.
Might be my contender for favourite of all the tracks here but it depends on what time of day it is and what state of mind I'm in...
Coming on like Status Quo fronted by a diva (said my mrs) and she's not far wrong.
As much as I tried to pump the eq on the bass frequencies of the Pistols track, I still
couldn't get my speakers to shake like they normally do, so I whipped out my trusty
electric bass guitar and 'played along'. I doubt you'll notice my playing but the bottom end
is pretty phat now. I also added a 'Stooges' feel to the choruses via one-finger piano.
The video took almost a day to make. Again, there is no promo for 'Did You No Wrong' so
I went trawling through all my Pistols DVD's and ended up with something pretty decent
I reckon. Most of the footage is pulled from 'Filth And The Fury' / 'Never Mind The Bollocks'
Classic Albums footage.
Those of you who are familiar with the 'Play in a day the Steve Jones way' spot will
appreciate the efforts I've made for the intro..

  03 "Billy Stoned"
(The Stone Roses 'Going Down')
(Billy Joel 'My Life')
(The Byrds 'Mr Tambourine Man')
I have a very alarming liking for Billy Joel's early stuff actually.
Particularly 'My Life', 'Moving Out' and 'Scene From An Italian Restaurant', so I'd always wanted to 'do something with him' as such.
Didn't imagine that The Stone Roses would work with him though. Kind of a wierd pairing
really but retains a nice retro feel.
Couldn't resist dropping in some Byrds for the end section.
The Stones Roses footage is gleaned from the US promo video for 'I Wanna Be Adored'
which seemed to work well.
The track 'Going Down' was actually a B-side, so there was no hope of finding a promo (although I've just realised it was on their Blackpool live video that is gathering dust in my loft...oh well.)
After the punch of the first two tracks, I thought this was a nice come down...

  04 "Grandstand Supreme"
(The Supremes 'Come See About Me')
(Keith Mansfield / Sound Stage Orchestra 'Grandstand Theme')
And now for something completely.......
OK, of late I've been collecting and consuming vast amounts of 'Library' music, the stuff
that was used extensively for british tv and ads, movies etc mainly from the KPM stable.
Lot's of Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Brian Bennett.
Always loved the Grandstand theme. Perfectly sums up Saturday afternoons for me as
a kid in the 70's, so being on a bit of a nostalgia trip of late I thought this would be a laugh.
It's eery how the Supremes vocals work with this but shouldn't really be a surprise seeing
as most of the KPM stuff was initially based on soul, motown, funk progressions.
The video was fun to make.
I have no idea what anyone outside of the UK and below a certain age will make of this.
And the same can be said for...

  05 "Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have A Finger Of Fudge?"
(Cadbury's Fudge jingle / Ad from the 70's/ 80's)
(The Beach Boys 'Wouldn't It Be Nice')

...this track.
I haven't a clue if non UK residents know what a Cadbury's Fudge is, or even know the
song that accompanied the Ad and was prominent over here in the 70's and 80's.
Anyway it works well enough with The Beach Boys.
A complete accident this one.
Just scanning YouTube for 'commercials from the seventies' in the early hours one night (as you do) and stumbled across 'the fudge'. It's pretty much acapella and I was after a mid-way break in the running order of the album...perfect.
'Pet Sounds' was near to hand...the rest is history.
  06 "Mick n' Carly"
(The Rolling Stones 'Miss You')
(Carly Simon 'You're So Vain')

You may well be familiar with the whole 'who was the song about?' saga that ran from 1973 onwards with the 'You're So Vain' track.
Carly Simon said she'll never admit 'cause it wouldn't be fair.
I understand that Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson, Cat Stevens and of course
Mick Jagger were mentioned.
So, as fate would have it etc...
Must admit I laughed my head off when I matched together the two songs for the first time but it was a painful execution fitting the verse structures. I reckon it's turned out OK.
Much fun trying to sync both the vocals from the footage that I had, as they are both 'live' performances.
You can read the whole 'vain' story here

  07 "Luther's Orange Crush"
(Luther Vandross 'Never Too Much')
(REM 'Orange Crush')
This one will probably piss-off the purists, I dunno.
After aquiring the REM 'parts' I thought it would be funny to put them with something completely alien to their style.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of REM's early stuff Chronic Town, Murmer and Reckoning definitely brilliant...but to put them with something more disco or funk was
the intention.
It almost worked with an Earth Wind & Fire track but in the end I settled for Luther.
No promo for the 'Orange Crush' track so I've used some '89 live footage.
Love the way that it's almost beliveable that Mike Mills is playing that bassline...
  08 "Main Bloom"
(Nirvana 'In Bloom')
(Alan Parker 'Main Chance')
Time to take things down a level (he said).
As with the previous track I wanted to put Nirvana into an alternate universe.
I think this one works better.
The instrumental is 'Main Chance' by Alan Parker and can be found on the De Wolfe
Library compilation 'Bite Hard'. A lot of this stuff appeared in TV episodes of The Sweeney, The New Avengers, The Profesionals etc.
Couldn't get Kurt's chorus vocal to work to my satisfaction and to be honest it works much better without it.
The video uses a 'car chase' from a Sweeney episode. I not sure if the Parker track was ever used in the Sweeney but it's believable.
  09 "Paranoid Rock"
(Queen 'We Will Rock You')
(Black Sabbath 'Paranoid')
Every album has some filler, right?
Dunno, after 'Rock In Black' this seems like a cheap-shot.
It probably is when I think about it.
Someone out there might like it?

Answers on a postcard...

Or maybe it was just a ploy to throw you off course in preparation for the next track.

  10 "2000 Light Years From Bolan"
(The Rolling Stones '2000 Light Years From Home)
(T.Rex 'Get It On')

Time to switch heads for your Psychedelic one.
This track is the only one that I had attempted outside of the 'Spliced Krispies' sessions.
I demoed it a year ago after getting the Bolan acapella off ToTom in Paris (many thanks!).
I originally used outtakes of '2000 Light years' from backing track sessions on the Satanic Majesties Box Set but missed the effects that the Stones later added.
So, I tackled it again last month by using the original mix (right channel only) which is basically an instrumental anyway.
I've added some extra psych effects into the mix as is my want and am pretty pleased
with the final result.
In the video I've used the promo's for 'Get It On' and '2000 Light Years' / 'Child Of The
Moon' and also some clips from the 1967 B-Movie 'Teenage Mother' and of course some
authentic oil wheel projection effects and negative to give it that Psychedelic sheen.
I think Trypshop listeners might dig this one...
  11 "3 X A Raindrop"
(The Commodores 'Three Times A Lady' / 'Easy')
(Burt Bacharach 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head')
And finally...
I was going to end the album with the Stones / T.Rex combo but felt it needed a lighter
note to finish with.
A goodbye song...
The Bacharach tune (originally sung by B.J.Thomas) is in my top 5 favourite songs ever.
It's followed me around my entire life. Melodic genius of the highest order.
Aural perfection etc etc

I've probably ruined it now!!!
Anyway, this might pleasantly surprise a few people, I hope it does.
Just let it tug on your heart-strings for 2minutes...have the Kleenex ready.
The video uses the original sequence from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

Well, that wraps it all up. I'd love you to share any thoughts or feedback on the album / video's with me via YouTube or

Thanks for listening.