Blender magazine article. July 2003 USA

Don't have a particularaly good scan of this article but this is the text contained within the piece:

MASH! Oi! What is Madonna doing in a video with Johnny Rotten?
An unlikely partnership between Madonna and the Sex Pistols initiated without the knowledge of either party, has resulted in a video and a radio hit in the UK.
'Ray Of Gob' - a rollicking mash-up of Madonna's 'Ray of Light' and the Pistols classics 'Prety Vacant' and 'God Save The Queen' is the handiwork of Englishman Mark Vidler.
Within weeks of posting the song on his website, it became a UK radio hit. Vidler then received an unsolicited video via e-mail from London design company Red, which merged the original 'Ray Of Light' video with The Sex Pistols footage.
The song and the video can be found at