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News 25/08/2009
Mark Vidler album review in Classic Rock magazine:

News 22/07/2009
Now that the solar eclipse has passed - the album has landed.
Get yourself over to the MP3 page to download the album and EP
News 21/07/2009
"GHP Goes Bananas" new exclusive virtual 7inch in banana-yellow vinyl
Go Home Productions "GHP Goes Bananas" 7inch ad

Just a little something to whet the appetite for the coming
solar eclipse and debut GHP album release Wed 22nd July.

"GHP Goes Bananas" is a virtual 7" single with accompanying video that pays homage to my favourite kids TV show and first 7" single that I ever bought back in 1979.

The idea was to create something in a Jamms / KLF / Coldcut
/ Steinski cut-up style, rough round the edges - harsh edits -
on the fly sampling - big obnoxious chorus and a total disregard for anything approaching 'taste'.

The main bulk of the mix is indeed the Dickies "Banana Splits" but it's spliced via chunks of 'pop music' both old and new.
The video has all the 'spot the sample' help you'll need.

Grab it from the MP3 page before I have to remove it...

Hope you like it // Play Very Loud.

Go Home Productions "GHP Goes Bananas"
Promo Video


Hoboken 411

Head over to the Hoboken 411 website to hear an exclusive from the debut
Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions album, 24 hours before it becomes available.
The track is (rather suitably) "Storm Clouds Over Hoboken".

News 07/07/2009
First details of Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions debut album "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" 22nd July 2009
Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions debut album "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension"
Finally, after promising a full album of original material for 2 years, a Vidler / GHP long player is in the can.
Called "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" it was conceived between December 2008 and March this year.
14 tracks all written, played, recorded and produced by yours truly and it will be released as a free download via this very
website 22nd July 2009, via Fluicidal Recordings.

Musically it's a melting pot of primary influences that have invaded and taken settlement in my brain since childhood, combined with whatever I was
'feeling' during the 4 months of studio time.
In layman's terms you may well find flavours of XTC, Dukes Of Stratosphear, Beatles, Small Faces, Syd Floyd, Beefheart, Ivor Cutler, Brian Wilson,
My Bloody Valentine, Julian Cope, Tom Waits etc.
It's not an album to soundtrack your club-going habits. It's more of a 'head' album than a 'feet' album I guess.
The album cover has a definitive message..

There's also a 5-track EP called "Tension" that I've bundled with it.
Recorded during the same time-frame but with more of an experimental taste to it.
The intention was to follow a similar path to XTC's "Go+" or Andy Partridge's "Take Away / The Lure Of Salvage".
And yes, visually the "Tension" EP owes a heavy debt to Julian Cope's "Droolian" and it's a compliment.

"The Future, The Past & The Present Tension" tracklisting:
01 Flashback / 02 Daddy Was a S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K.E.R / 03 Slow Down Sister / 04 Storm Clouds Over Hoboken
05 My Dog, My Friend, My Wee Hairy Companion / 06 Beached Buoy / 07 Il Carnevale WD24
08 Everybody's Looking Rosy In My Garden / 09 Fireball Splinters / 10 Sticky Fingered Porcupine
11Flashback (revisitation) / 12 Sky High / 13 Comes To An End / 14 Sweet And Honey Fiction

01Spaced Rust / 02 Horticultured / 03 Sighs / 04 Chinese Whispers / 05 Vapour / Ice

I've put together a short video promo for the album on YouTube, which features a snatch of the track "Flashback".
"Flashback" can also be heard in full on the GHP MySpace page:
A full video for "Everybody's Looking Rosy In My Garden" will be uploaded closer to the 22nd July release date.
More details soon - join the Mailing List to make sure you get the news first.

You can also join me via and if you so desire.

Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions Album Promo
features a short edit of "Flashback"

25th June 2009

News 14/05/2009
Martha & The Muffins "Echo Beach (Go Home Productions Version)" now released.

I was recently commissioned to do a couple of remixes for the Echo Beach label based in Germany.
Namely dub remixes of Martha & The Muffins classic single "Echo Beach" and also Ruts DC
"Love And Fire" taken from their Rhythm Collision Vol 1 album.
The GHP Martha & The Muffins remix is now to be officially released on the Echo Beach
King Size Dub Vol 69 compilation album. more info
The GHP remix is also included on the upcoming Echo Beach Remixes Vol 2 album.

You can purchase the CD via any of the following (a quick google will pull up many more): // // // //

News 25/02/2009

Mark Vidler / GHP theme tune for ITV's Al Murray Multiple Personality Disorder show
A quick heads-up for a new ITV1 series that starts this
week, featuring a Mark Vidler composition as it's theme tune.
The show is Al Murray's Mutiple Personality Disorder
and starts this Friday 27th Feb at 9.30pm.
The theme was written especially for the series.
More info on the show here:

News 13/02/2009
Mark Vidler / GHP audio mix on new Nike 'Witness The Moment' football TV commercial Feb 2009

Just recently I had the privilege of being commissioned
by Wieden + Kennedy to produce the audio / mix for a new Nike 'Witness The Moment' football TV ad.
The brief seemed good: mixing football chants with
something musically 'epic'.
Even better were the visuals that I had to work to...
Those of you who know me relatively well, will know
that I'm a massive Arsenal fan, (yes a true 'gooner'
for my sins) so when the first edits of the spot came through and I realised it was Arsenal v Man Utd that
I was playing with...well, you can imagine the excitement.

The ad got it's premiere viewing in Japan last night,
at half-time in the Japan vs Australia world cup
qualifier. It's due to be hitting the screens across the
UK and Europe any day now.

Listen carefully during the real-time loud sections.
That's me, multitracked, singing "we've got Cesc Fabregas" (You Tube link >>>>>>>> Watch in HQ)

News 09/01/2009
GHP Bootleg DJ Set - Elastico Club, Madrid, Spain - Saturday 10th Jan:
GHP Bootleg DJ Set this Saturday 10th Jan at Elastico Club in Madrid, Spain.
For full details visit: /

News 08/12/2008
GHP "High Tides & Blocked Peace Pipes" / "Christmas Stuffing" (December 2008):

No, your eyes are not deceiving you,
Yes, it's the first sign of something happening for what has literally been 7 months of inactivity on the GHP website...
I've been away 'getting my head together in the counrty' and suchlike for the largest
part of 2008.
Went to the Lake District, went to Berlin, went round the bend and came back again just
in time to give you some Christmas Stuffing. (That's the concise version at least!)
Anyway, more of that later but for now grab this slice of turkey for the 2008 festive
season and I'll fill you in on lots of new stuff for 2009, in January.
GHP High Tides & Blocked Peace Pipes:
For the best part of 6 years I've attempted to whack something out around this time of
year. For art's sake (arse-ache?) I thought I'd re-visit the first offering from 2002 but
give it some extra newness, so that I wouldn't leave you feeling totally conned.
The main backbone for the track is Blondie's "Tide Is High" with Macca's "Pipes Of Peace"
in support and the 'Christmas On The Block' pairing weaving in and out.
As in previous years it was created for the Santastic project (check out the other stuff).
The video-habit is still intact after the Spliced Krispies dabblings, so I created some visuals
for this one too.
GHP Christmas Stuffing Compilation:
I've compiled all the previous GHP Christmas efforts for those who may have missed them
first time around. You can grab everything mentioned above in the MP3 Section.

News 20/05/2008
GHP on The Word magazine podcast this week:

Those lovely chaps at The Word magazine had me in for their excellent weekly podcast on Monday.
It's now online at the Word website, where you have the choice to hear a stream of the show or subscribe via iTunes etc.
A vast range of 'subjects' were tackled in The Word's lovingly humourous way and they managed to glean a few
GHP secrets along the way. Well worth a listen.
The guys have also set up a GHP challenge where listeners / readers are encouraged to suggest 'combinations' for me
to try out (God help me) and I'l gladly make the best results available...all details here at the Word website.

News 02/05/2008
Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies" bootleg album released:
"Spliced Krispies"
is a debut GHP bootleg album released today for download.
The album was conceived and created throughout April, during a break from finishing the
"Kamikaze Runway" LP that is lined up for the summer.
After 'laying off' the bootlegs several months ago, I felt that the time was right to dabble again
for a bit of fun and see what would materialise from a few weeks playing around.
"Spliced Krispies" is the result.

There are 11 brand new 'combinations' in all, that cover familiar GHP ground in both style and
application (it says here), so you get stuff from between 1965-1991 reinvented in an 'A vs B'
mould, with a handful of aural magic-dust here and there.
Artists that have been consumed and spat out are as follows: The Rolling Stones, The Temptations, The Sex Pistols, Ce Ce Peniston, The Stone Roses, Billy Joel, The Byrds,
The Supremes, Keith Mansfield, The Beach Boys, The Cadbury's Fudge Advert, Carly Simon,
Luther Vandross, REM, Nirvana, Alan Parker, Black Sabbath, Queen, T.Rex, The Commodores
and Burt Bacharach.

In addition there are 11 videos that have been created and edited for each separate track.
So not only is GHP assaulting your ears, your eyes can have a battering too...

All music and video created by GHP. You can grab the lot for free at the MP3 page.
*New higher quality 320Kbps MP3's added / Video file links now added*

Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies" bootleg album 2008

News 17/03/2008
New Go Home Productions Single / Album details:
A new Go Home Productions single is now lined up for imminent release.
"Physical Graffiti" and backed with "Slingshot The Rubberneck", it's the first fruits from six months of self-inflicted studio hibernation working on new (original) material.
"Physical Graffiti" still flirts with GHP's bootleg roots by sampling Olivia Newton-John's 1981 hit "Physical" but takes it into an altogether different territory.
The track is accompanied by a video (put together by Mr Vidler) and can be viewed in full below.
The first section was filmed on location in the exotic surroundings of GHP's back yard and studio, the rest was 'borrowed from obvious sources'.
"Physical Graffiti" is taken from the forthcoming GHP album
"Kamikaze Runway" which is scheduled for a Summer 2008 release. Format and final release details for the single will be announced shortly.

The video for Physical Graffiti is residing in YouTube alongside a whole host of GHP video's that I've been stumbling across the past couple of years.
Many thanks to all those who have put these wonderful things together. I truly appreciate the efforts gone into them, so strange to see visuals to tracks that were created so long ago!
I've assembled most of them in the videos page for all to see in one handy place. If there are others, let me know: mail me here

GHP Physical Graffiti
^ Physical Graffiti b/w Slingshot The Rubberneck:
The A-side originally started life as a new GHP demo
called "Graffiti" but we just needed a little something to
take it elsewhere.

The suggestion of ONJ's "Physical" proved er, inspirational...
"Slingshot The Rubberneck" is a brand new Vidler
original aimed directly at your feet whilst simultaneously screwing with your head and was inspired by chinese food.

You can hear both tracks at GHP's Myspace page:

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